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Accredited Clinical Nutritionist providing you with the tools to overcome your health challenges, to heal & to thrive. 

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Jess's Work

Jess is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist (Bachelor of Clinical Nutrition). She has experience practising alongside industry leaders within the field of Allied Health.

Jess's speciality areas include: 

- Digestive disorders and gastrointestinal health: IBS, IBD, SIBO.

- Food psychology which includes ones relationship with food and commonly their body.

Jess's passion for these areas stems from her personal & clinical experience of helping women overcome chronic digestive issues, work on their relationship with self, their body image and food in order to achieve optimal health and freedom.

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Recipes here to serve your tastebuds & your health.

Wholefoods focussed

Plant focussed

Sometimes refined sugar free

Sometimes gluten free

Always delicious

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