Jess strives to deliver highly individualised and effective treatment protocols to allow every client to restore balance, achieve optimal health and reach their full potential.

Jess is in the game of creating meaningful, lifelong change for clients. Jess achieves this in a few ways:

  • Focusing on building solid foundations within ones diet and lifestyle. 
  • Addressing nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, thoughts and emotions and treating the underlying root cause.  
  • Getting to know each client on a personal level in order to create highly personalised plans that the client feels comfortable and confident in implementing.  
  • Incorporating focus, consistency, repetition & accountability into the client’s plan in order to create behaviour change.


  • Bachelor of Clinical Nutrition (Griffith University) 
  • Certified FODMAPS practitioner (MONASH University) 
  • Certified SIBO practitioner (Nirala Jacobi, ND, ‘TheSiboDr’)