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Two Week Meal Plan

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Curious about what it feels and looks like to eat a whole foods plant-focused diet?

Jess has created this meal plan to allow you to feel the benefits of eating more whole foods. Feel energised, maintain stable energy, optimise digestion all from day one baby! 🙌🏼

What is inside you may be asking?

  • 2 weeks' worth of meals and snacks mapped out. 
  • Simple, delicious, and nutrient-dense recipes created by Jess, a clinical nutritionist (& foodie)
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack, sauce, and dessert ideas 
  • How to cover your nutritional bases on a wholefoods plant focussed diet. 

ps. Jess said to mention the MUG cake dessert recipe is probably worth the download on its own. 

Love yas, 

Enjoy x